Why is it the perfect time to hire a professional gardener in London?

Why is it the perfect time to hire a professional gardener in London?


We are all being affected by the current global situation, and having to social distance from our friends and loved ones has reorganised ours prioritizes. One of the things we have noticed is that some people in London, have left their gardens to fall into disarray. Neglecting your garden not only could possibly have long term negative effects for your lawn, flowers, hedges, and trees etc. Not looking after your garden also means that you are not fully utilizing a very important and helpful tool that can possibly prove useful during these times of struggle. That is why it is the perfect time to call us at Green Swift Gardeners, so we can arrive and get your garden back to its former beauty. Please take a look at just some of the reasons why if you live in London, it is a great idea to call a professional gardener right now.

There is no face to face contact:

To book your professional garden services, we will correspond either by email or over the phone. All payment can be done by bank transfer, and all invoices will be sent by email, so there is no need to come face to face with any ofo ur employees ta Green Swift gardeners. All you need to do is make sure that access to your garden available, and when our gardening experts have left your garden you check to make sure you are happy with our service. Booking our gardening services is easy, fast and efficient. You do not need to waste loads of time swapping emails or having phone calls back and forth. Give us a call on 02039 239 010 or send us an email to info@greenswiftgardeners.co.uk to book the most friendly and reliable gardeners in London now.


Your garden can be a big help to you right now:

Having a quiet, beautiful, safe place to get some fresh air can be a great help to both your physical and mental health right now. Your very own piece of paradise can serve you as the perfect place to relax and enjoy your time. Even though we are being advised not to spend unnecessary time outside, it is still important to get fresh air and exercise. Your garden can function as your very own personal gym, with a nice soft lawn to work out on. You can also get valuable fresh air without risking your health or other peoples.


We offer some of the cheapest gardening prices in London:

Compared to other gardening companies based in London, our prices are excellent! We are a family-run business, who focuses on our providing our client’s with a positive experience and completing our gardening service to the highest standard rather than charging high prices. Our goal is to build a client base of regular customers, who use us on a regular basis, and the only way we can do this is by completing our gardening work to the continued high standards that we are known for.

So if you are contemplating on getting some garden work done, or you want to completely change your garden with a landscaping project, Green Swift Gardeners is the company for you.

If you are looking for professional gardening or landscaping service, we are here to help. We at Green Swift Gardeners have years of experience completing all types of gardening and landscaping services throughout the whole of London. So, whether you want a quick tidy up or you want to completely re-design your garden with a landscaping service, we can help you. Contact us on 02039 239 010 or send us an email to info@greenswiftgardeners.co.uk and we will reply immediately. Take advantage of our expertise now!

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