Why is it important to prepare your garden for Autumn?

Why is it important to prepare your garden for Autumn?


To be honest, my favourite month of the whole year is Summer. I love to spend time enjoying my beautiful garden, invite friends round for BBQs and spend as much time as I can relaxing in my hammock with a good book, and imagining that I am in some nice secluded piece of paradise, even though East London does have its own version of charm. Yeah, I am not a fan of the colder months, but every year they come around and as always when you are garden owner, preparations need to be made in order to ensure the continuation of your garden’s beauty. In today’s blog, I am going to point out some important preparational steps your garden needs to go through and explain why it is best if you are in London to use a certified professional gardening company like Green Swift Gardeners to complete these steps for you.

Your lawn needs to be cut:

It is always best to start with making sure your lawn has had a very good cut. Even though we at Green Swift Gardeners operate all year round, for most people cutting the grass during Autumn and Winter is not on their list of top priorities as they don’t tend to use their garden as much then. So the top of the list is definitely to call us to trim your lawn.

Protect your pots:

Some pots can become fragile and potentially break during the colder months, so it is very important to prepare them correctly. If possible you can move them to a greenhouse or conservatory, but if you don’t have that the best way to protect your pots is using hay or bubble wrap. Ideally, you want to have them raised off the floor too, in order to protect them.

Everything needs to be trimmed:

Not just the grass is important to be cut, but also any hedges or trees. It is important that all of your garden is prepared for the colder months ahead. We offer hedge trimming services, as well as tree trimming services to North, South, East, and West London. We cover pretty much every area in London, so make it easy on your self and give us a call or send us an email to info@greenswiftgardeners.co.uk and we will arrive and carefully trim all of your hedges and trees that are required.

If you have a pond, it needs to be netted:

Not everyone does, but if you have a pod you need to place a net over it in order to protect it. It is very common for bits of rubbish, or plants to build-up during the colder months if your pond is not netted properly. So, to ensure that your pond will be nice and clean and ready to be admired again in the spring, make sure you don’t forget about it as well during your preparation.

Clear away garden items:

It is best to clear away any garden items that you are not going to use during Autumn and Winter away in your shed. This goes for table and chairs, benches, tools, lights and whatever else you will not be using. If you can’t clear them away indoors, it is best to protect them as well. Ideally covering them with bubble wrap to ensure that the elements don’t take its toll on your garden items.

If you are looking for professional gardening or landscaping service, we are here to help. We at Green Swift Gardeners have years of experience completing all types of gardening and landscaping services throughout the whole of London and Cambridge. So, whether you want a quick tidy up or you want to completely re-design your garden with a landscaping service, we can help you. Contact us on 02039 239 010 or send us an email to info@greenswiftgardeners.co.uk and we will reply immediately. Take advantage of our expertise now!

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