Why is having a great lawn in summer a must?

Why is having a great lawn in Summer a must?


We are now deep into the Summer months. The weather is soon to be at its hottest, cold drinks are a live line, and all we want to do is spend time outside enjoying the sun. Which brings me to my point. There is no better way to enjoy the nice warm sun, with an ice-cold drink in your hand, than to feel soft blades of grass beneath your feet. During the Summer in London, all we want to do with our time is spend it outside, and there is no better place than in your beautiful garden.

Your lawn is the perfect place for your children to play:

We always want to make sure we can keep an eye on our children they play, we also want to make sure they are playing in a safe environment. That is why having a vibrant lawn during Summer is a necessity, so you are able to relax and enjoy yourself, whilst supervising your children at the same time. All along knowing that they accidentally fall, they will be absolutely fine, as they are playing on your soft naturally turfed lawn.


Throw a Garden party so everyone can appreciate your lawn:

With the current state of things in the world, if you have to throw a party there is no better party than a Garden party. You can invite your friends over, and know that you will be as safe as possible as you are all outside. We Londoners love to get together and enjoy ourselves, which is why having a lawn in summer will allow you to safely continue to socialize with your closest family and friends.


Natural turf looks great:

You can’t beat the look of a perfectly maintained, vibrant lawn. It is truly one of the things that we all dream of when we are picturing our dream home and dream garden. London has so many building that to have a beautiful lawn, with natural turf is truly magical. We can make your dream a reality at Green Swift Gardeners, our professionals are the best in the business, and with years of experience completing gardening and landscaping services all over London, we are the right choice for you if you are looking to hire a professional gardening service.


TurfingNatural turf feels great:

Walking barefoot on a perfectly trimmed soft lawn feel truly wonderful. You can also lie down on your lawn and enjoy the summer sun. Or you can have your own little pick-nick. All this is and more can happen on your beautiful lawn, so make sure you contact us now if you want to really enjoy your summer, and really enjoy your garden. We cover every area in London, so please get in touch with us if you want to enjoy an amazing lawn.


If you are looking for professional gardening or landscaping service, we are here to help. We at Green Swift Gardeners have years of experience completing all types of gardening and landscaping services throughout the whole of London and Cambridge. So, whether you want a quick tidy up or you want to completely re-design your garden with a landscaping service, we can help you. Contact us on 02039 239 010 or send us an email to info@greenswiftgardeners.co.uk and we will reply immediately. Take advantage of our expertise now!

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