When should you start gardening again after winter?

Winter is loosening its grip and Spring is getting nearer and nearer, which means it is time to start taking care of your garden again! Throughout the gardening community in London, it is widely agreed that February is the start of the season for professional gardeners. We have all had a nice rest over the holidays and we are energized and ready to go!

If you think that February is a little bit too early to start tending to your garden, trust me it’s not. If you leave your garden for a long period of time especially after the winter months, it only makes it harder for us gardeners when you decide to give us a call to start working on your garden.

That is why February is the perfect time to hire Green Swift Gardeners as your gardener for some general maintenance, in order to get the garden back to its beautiful former self. If you have decided for a New Years resolution to completely change your garden and you want to hire us for a landscaping project, it is also the best time to come and perform a free of charge viewing for you. This way as soon as Winter looses its grip on your garden completely, we can start creating your dream garden for you, which you can enjoy from the early months of the year.

Thank you for giving our blog a read, and I hope you know exactly when to start gardening again after Winter. If you want to discuss your gardening needs, book a free viewing or get a free quote, please contact us by email now or call us on 02039 239 010.


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