What makes Green Swift Gardeners different from the rest of the gardening companies in London?

What makes Green Swift Gardeners different from the rest of the gardening companies in London?


Today’s blog will be focused on outlining the specific reasons we as a company at Green Swift Gardners are different from our competition, and it is my hope that with this information your choice of which gardening service to hire will become an easy one. Of course, my opinion is biased, but if you have experience with other gardening companies in London, and you have also used our services I am sure that there is a very good chance you will agree with my points.


We have VERY competitive prices:

I know it sounds like a cliche, but making money is not our main objective. Our number 1 priority is to provide our clients with excellent service at an affordable price. We have learned through our years of experience offering gardening services throughout London, that building a client base of satisfied customer who uses your services on a regular basis is more profitable in the long run than overcharging a client and them never using you again. Our prices are excellent for the service we provide.


We offer REAL customer service:

Our team is built up of experts who have years of experience in the gardening business. You will only be communicating with experienced professionals who actually listen to you when you are speaking. We truly care about our clients, and we always work with our customers best interests in mind. You won’t get an unexperienced employee who has just started answering the phone at Green Swift Gardeners. Our staff are carefully chosen to ensure our customers get the very best service.


Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction:

I am not going to lie, we have had situations when a client is not completely satisfied with the service. However, it is in these situations the business philosophy of Green Swift Gardeners truly shines. If you call our team with an issue about a service we provided, you will be transferred to our Client Relations team whose sole responsibility is to do everything they can to make our wonderful clients happy. We don’t just brush you off, or ask you to call back. We take responsibility for our actions and rectify the issue. We want to make sure that you feel taken care of and above all happy with the result of your garden as well as feeling happy with the customer service that was provided.


We are a customer orientated company:

Above you will see the word customer in the headers a lot, this is because we have a different ideology to our competitors. The truth is many members of our team have worked for other gardening companies in London and the absolutely appalling attitude they have towards their clients was enough to make people with principles quit. We are a company that is built on principle and integrity. We believe that offering a quality service at an affordable price is not only the way to succeed in business but the way to succeed with our customers.


If you are looking for professional gardening or landscaping service, we are here to help. We at Green Swift Gardeners have years of experience completing all types of gardening and landscaping services throughout the whole of London and Cambridge. So, whether you want a quick tidy up or you want to completely re-design your garden with a landscaping service, we can help you. Contact us on 02039 239 010 or send us an email to info@greenswiftgardeners.co.uk and we will reply immediately. Take advantage of our expertise now!

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