What can you do to reduce summer lawn stress?

Even though the UK is not famous for being a warm, sunny destination, during the summer especially, the temperature can get very high. When it is sunny we love to spend time in our gardens, but the same thing we are enjoying can potentially be at risk unless you are careful. Summer lawn stress is a common thing that happens to our lawns during the summer months.

You can notice this by observing brown patches in your lawn and in general an unhealthy looking lawn. The main reason is due to drought, which you will notice in the hardness of the soil and the discolouration of the grass. This can be easier overcome will regular watering of your lawn and keeping a close eye on your garden.

Another culprit that can cause stress to your lawn, is insects. Some insects target specifically the roots of the lawn, and you can check this pull tugging on the brown patches of grass and if they easily come out that means they don’t have any roots due to the insects. There are also insects that eat blades of grass, so keep an eye out for pieces of your lawn that look like they have been mowed.

So when you are enjoying your beautiful lawn keep a close eye on it, and make sure that you water it regularly and if you notice any irregularities cause by insects you treat your lawn straight away.

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