Is it better to hire a team of two gardeners rather than one gardener?

At Green Swift Gardeners, the vast majority of our clients require a team of two gardeners, not only for efficiency reasons but for safety reasons too. Since we offer such a wide range of services, like grass cutting, hedge trimming, laying turf, jet washing, tree pruning, and everything else that goes into a landscaping job we need to be prepared, in order to be able to complete any gardening service or additional gardening service to our high standards no matter the area in London or Cambridge.

We also offer our clients, the opportunity of adding additional gardening services to their original booking during the gardening service. So if you book us to cut your grass, and while we are doing so you decide you require a jet washing service also, as long as our schedule allows it we have no issue completing additional gardening services for you throughout the whole of London. So, two gardeners are always better than to hire only one gardener, as the time spent on your job will be less, two gardeners can handle any gardening service unlike only one, and if you decide you want any additional gardening services they will be able to complete it for you. Also, which is very important it is more cost-effective to hire two gardeners than only one gardener. So if you live in London or Cambridge and you are thinking about hiring a professional gardening service get in touch with us now on  02039 239 010 or send an email to

We at Green Swift Gardeners have years of experience completing all types of gardening and landscaping services through the whole of London and Cambridge. So, whether you want a quick tidy up or you want to completely re-design your garden, we can help you. Contact us on 02039 239 010 or send us an email to to take advantage of our expertise.


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