How long does it take to book a gardening service?

Not long at all is the short answer, but like most things it depends on what you need in terms of a gardening service. When it comes to general gardening maintenance, we charge in accordance to the number of hours worked by our team. When we book your job, our objective is to be as accurate as possible about the number of hours, as this makes sure our schedule will work perfectly.

Our estimate of the number of hours needed for your job is based on the information your provide us with, the answers you give to our questions and if needed the photos you send us. So, the amount of time it takes for you to provide this information is the amount of time needed to book your service.

In the case of a landscaping service, it might take a little longer. You see, a landscaping project is usually a more larger and elaborate job than your average general gardening maintenance. That is why we offer free of charge viewings, so we can see with our own eyes what needs to be done and therefor be accurate with our pricing.

So booking a landscaping service depends on how quickly we can schedule a viewing, perform the viewing and then book the job.

If you have any other questions or if you would like to book a gardening service, give us a call on 02039 239 010 now.

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