Can artificial turf help with hay fever?

Artificial grass, will not cure your hay fever but it will certainly help you enjoy your beautiful garden comfortably. On average 1 in 5 people in the UK suffer from hay fever, which is when your someone immune system overreacts to the allergens in the air. What makes Artificial grass important if you suffer from hay fever is that 95% of hay sufferers are allergic to grass pollen.

So, if you live in London, and sick of not being able to use your garden to its full potential, we will be happy to send our skilled gardens to come and replace your natural turf with artificial turf. This will help you take full advantage of your beautiful garden, without dealing with the discomfort that comes with being a sufferer of hay fever as bad as when the turf in your garden was natural rather than artificial.

Our priority is our client’s satisfaction, so don’t wait and dream of being able to enjoy your garden. We have expert gardeners in Cambridge and London, that are ready to come to help you.

No matter your gardening needs, Green Swift Gardeners is your all-in-one solution. No matter your location in London or Cambridge, we have professionals ready to arrive and covert your garden into your very own piece of paradise.

Thank you for giving our blog a read. If you want to discuss your artificial turfing needs, book a free viewing or get a free quote, please contact us by email now or call us on 02039 239 010.

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